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Necessary procedures after moving in

Thank you for choosing to move into one of our managed properties. We will guide you through the items to be checked after you move in so that you can live comfortably. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

・菊川市水道料金 お客様センター 0537-73-1120
・鈴与ガス掛川支店 0537-61-4045
・中部電力契約受付センター 0120-921-691
・印鑑 ・本人証明書類 ・転出証明書 ・マイナンバーカード ・国民健康保険証 * ・国民年金手帳 * ・在留カード *
・菊川市役所 菊川市堀之内61・菊川市役所小笠支所 菊川市下平川6225
・印鑑 ・転出証明書
・菊川市役所 菊川市堀之内61・菊川市役所小笠支所 菊川市下平川6225
・新住民票 ・運転免許証
・菊川警察署 菊川市加茂5889 0537-36-0110
・自動車保管場所証明申請書 ・保管場所標章交付申請書 ・保管場所の所在地、配置図 ・使用承諾証明書
・菊川警察署 菊川市加茂5889 0537-36-0110

*We can apply for the garage certificate on your behalf. (paid)

*Please contact us if you are unsure about the procedure for starting electricity, gas, or water.

Procedures required after moving in

Thank you for moving into our managed property. We will inform you about the items to be confirmed when moving in.If you have any questions, please contact us.

Things necessary
Notification address
Apply for garage certification *
・Car storage location certification application ・Storage location mark issuance application ・Location and layout of storage location ・Certificate of consent for use
After moving in
Kikugawa Police Station 5889 Kamo, Kikugawa 0537-36-0110
Change your driver's license address *
・New resident card ・Driver's license
After moving in
Kikugawa Police Station 5889 Kamo, Kikugawa 0537-36-0110
Seal registration
・Japanese Hanko ・Move-out certificate
After moving in
Kikugawa City Hall / Kikugawa City Hall Ogasa Branch
Resident's card movement
・Japanese Hanko ・Residence card ・Identity certificates ・Move-out certificate ・My number card ・National Health Insurance Card * ・National pension notebook *
Within 14 days after moving in
Kikugawa City Hall / Kikugawa City Hall Ogasa Branch

* Mark is only for applicable person

* We can apply for a garage certificate on your behalf.

About noise

The apartment will be a place for communal living, and each person should follow the rules and live comfortably. Even if you think you are living normally, you may feel uncomfortable with others. Here are some things to keep in mind about noise, which can be a problem in communal living in an apartment.


1. Don't listen to TV or music louder than you need at midnight.

2. Avoid using the washing machine at midnight. If you are in a hurry, please use the coin laundry.

3. If you drive out late at night, be careful of idling for a long time in the parking lot.

4. Wear headphones if you play an instrument at midnight. Musical instruments that can use headphones include synthesizers, DTMs, silent musical instruments, and soundproof goods. The method of using them is also recommended.

How to put out garbage

1.Be sure to separate garbage. Put burnable garbage in a red bag and put it out at the garbage collection point. Please bring recyclable materials such as empty cans and plastic packaging to the Akatsuchi Recycling Station. If empty cans or PET bottles are mixed in the burning garbage, the vendor will not collect the garbage.

2.Please write your name and Apartment name, residents' association name (赤土下) on the garbage bag.


3.Please dispose of garbage by 8 am on the day of collection.


4.Please dispose of burnable garbage in the red bag designated by Kikugawa City. garbage red bags are sold at Welcia.

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