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Necessary procedures after moving in

Thank you for choosing to move into one of our managed properties. We will guide you through the items to be checked after you move in so that you can live comfortably. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

・菊川市水道料金 お客様センター 0537-73-1120
・鈴与ガス掛川支店 0537-61-4045
・中部電力契約受付センター 0120-921-691
・印鑑 ・本人証明書類 ・転出証明書 ・マイナンバーカード ・国民健康保険証 * ・国民年金手帳 * ・在留カード *
・菊川市役所 菊川市堀之内61・菊川市役所小笠支所 菊川市下平川6225
・印鑑 ・転出証明書
・菊川市役所 菊川市堀之内61・菊川市役所小笠支所 菊川市下平川6225
・新住民票 ・運転免許証
・菊川警察署 菊川市加茂5889 0537-36-0110
・自動車保管場所証明申請書 ・保管場所標章交付申請書 ・保管場所の所在地、配置図 ・使用承諾証明書
・菊川警察署 菊川市加茂5889 0537-36-0110

*We can apply for the garage certificate on your behalf. (paid)

*Please contact us if you are unsure about the procedure for starting electricity, gas, or water.

Procedures required after moving in

Thank you for moving into our managed property. We will inform you about the items to be confirmed when moving in.If you have any questions, please contact us.

Things necessary
Notification address
Apply for garage certification *
・Car storage location certification application ・Storage location mark issuance application ・Location and layout of storage location ・Certificate of consent for use
After moving in
Kikugawa Police Station 5889 Kamo, Kikugawa 0537-36-0110
Change your driver's license address *
・New resident card ・Driver's license
After moving in
Kikugawa Police Station 5889 Kamo, Kikugawa 0537-36-0110
Seal registration
・Japanese Hanko ・Move-out certificate
After moving in
Kikugawa City Hall / Kikugawa City Hall Ogasa Branch
Resident's card movement
・Japanese Hanko ・Residence card ・Identity certificates ・Move-out certificate ・My number card ・National Health Insurance Card * ・National pension notebook *
Within 14 days after moving in
Kikugawa City Hall / Kikugawa City Hall Ogasa Branch

* Mark is only for applicable person

* We can apply for a garage certificate on your behalf.

About noise

The apartment will be a place for communal living, and each person should follow the rules and live comfortably. Even if you think you are living normally, you may feel uncomfortable with others. Here are some things to keep in mind about noise, which can be a problem in communal living in an apartment.


1. Don't listen to TV or music louder than you need at midnight.

2. Avoid using the washing machine at midnight. If you are in a hurry, please use the coin laundry.

3. If you drive out late at night, be careful of idling for a long time in the parking lot.

4. Wear headphones if you play an instrument at midnight. Musical instruments that can use headphones include synthesizers, DTMs, silent musical instruments, and soundproof goods. The method of using them is also recommended.

How to put out garbage

1.Be sure to separate garbage. Put burnable garbage in a red bag and put it out at the garbage collection point. Please bring recyclable materials such as empty cans and plastic packaging to the Akatsuchi Recycling Station. If empty cans or PET bottles are mixed in the burning garbage, the vendor will not collect the garbage.

2.Please write your name and Apartment name, residents' association name (赤土下) on the garbage bag.


3.Please dispose of garbage by 8 am on the day of collection.


4.Please dispose of burnable garbage in the red bag designated by Kikugawa City. garbage red bags are sold at Welcia.

  • 賃貸借契約期間について About the lease contract period
    入居時にお渡しした賃貸住宅標準契約書の2ページ目に契約期間が記載されています。契約期間は通常2年です。契約開始日から2年未満の中途解約の場合、1ヶ月分の違約金が発生し、 1年未満の中途解約 の場合、2ヶ月分の違約金が発生しますのでご注意ください。 The contract period is described on the second page of the rental housing standard contract handed to you when you moved in. The contract period is 2 years. Please note that if you cancel the contract midway within 2 years from the contract start date, you will be charged a penalty for 1 month, and if you cancel the contract before 1 year, you will be charged a penalty for 2 months.
  • 鍵について About the key
    入居時にお渡しした鍵は紛失しないようにご注意ください。鍵を紛失した場合、入居者様負担にて交換させていただきます。 Please be careful not to lose the key. If the key is lost, it will be replaced at the tenant's expense.
  • 水道・電気・ガスについて About water, electricity and gas
    入居前にライフラインの使用開始手続きを行ってください。手続きが不明な場合はお問い合わせください。 Before moving in, please complete the procedures to start using the lifeline. Please contact us if you are unsure.
  • ゴミについて About garbage
    ゴミは決められた日に、決められた場所へ、決められたゴミ袋を用いて搬出します。他の入居者の方や自治会の迷惑になる行為は厳禁とします。 Garbage will be taken out on the designated day using the designated garbage bag to the designated place. It is strictly prohibited to act in a way that may cause trouble for other residents or the residents' association. ■2023年度 菊川市ごみ収集カレンダー2023 Kikugawa City Garbage Collection Calendar ごみ収集カレンダーは、菊川市役所(本庁1階)環境推進課 または (支所)小笠市民課で配布しています。 ​Garbage collection calendars are distributed at the Kikugawa City Hall (main office 1st floor) Environment Promotion Division or (branch office) Ogasa Citizens Division. ・赤土下 (ガーデンビラ 、アーバンハイツ21、ガーデンハウス小笠、コーポ八光A,B)Akatsuchi-shimo (Garden Villa, Urban Heights 21, Garden House Ogasa, Corpo Hakko A, B) <日本語 JP> <英語 EN> ​・牛渕 (エルコーポ菊川)Ushibuchi (El Corpo Kikugawa) <日本語 JP> <英語 EN>
  • 駐車場の利用について About using the parking lot
    入居者様が契約した駐車スペースのみ駐車することができます。契約していない駐車スペースに来訪者が無断駐車しないようにご注意ください。 You can only park in the parking lot that you have signed a contract with. Please be careful not to allow visitors to park in non-contracted parking spaces without permission.
  • 家賃のお支払い方法について How to pay rent
    家賃のお支払い方法は以下3種類です。クレジットカードは利用できません。 ・持参 ・銀行振込 ・PayPay There are three ways to pay rent. Credit cards are not accepted. ・Bring ・Bank transfer ・PayPay
  • 家賃の支払い期限について Rent payment deadline
    翌月分のお家賃を毎月25日までにお支払いください。 Please pay the next month's rent by the 25th of each month.
  • 家賃の領収書を発行してほしい I want you to issue a rent receipt
    毎月初めに家賃の領収書を郵送します。 We will mail you a rent receipt at the beginning of every month.
  • 共益費・自治会費とはなんですか? What are common service fees and council fees?
    共益費は、階段、廊下等の共用部分の維持管理に必要な光熱費、上下水道使用料、清掃費をまとめたものです。 The common service fee is a summary of the utility costs, water and sewerage charges, and cleaning costs necessary for the maintenance and management of common areas such as stairs and corridors. 自治会費はゴミ集積所の管理など、自治会の管理に使用される費用です。 Council fees are expenses used for the management of the residents' association, such as the management of garbage collection points.
  • 車を買い替えた bought a new car
    駐車する車両について、弊社までご連絡ください。保管場所使用承諾証明書の発行を希望する場合、あわせてお申し込みください。 Please contact us about parking your vehicle. If you wish to have a certificate of consent to use the storage area issued, please apply at the same time.
  • 車のメンテナンスを頼みたい I want to ask for car maintenance
    株式会社ハカマダメンテナンスでは、ランドマークカレラにてお車のメンテナンスを承ることができます。お住まいのことから愛車のことまで安心してお任せください。 ■ランドマークカレラ 国産・輸入車 新車中古車販売/車検・構造変更・改造申請/一般整備/鈑金塗装/国内外アフターパーツ販売・取付・輸入/各種保険取扱い Hakamada Maintenance Co., Ltd. can accept maintenance of your car at Landmark Carrera. Please leave everything from your home to your car with peace of mind. ■ Landmark Carrera Domestic and imported cars new and used car sales / vehicle inspection, structure change, modification application / general maintenance / sheet metal painting / domestic and overseas aftermarket parts sales, installation, import / various insurance handling
  • 駐車場内での事故について About accidents in parking lots
    弊社では、駐車場内での事故や盗難などの責任は一切負いません。また、駐車場内で子供を遊ばせないでください。駐車場内で野球やサッカーをして、ボールが車に当たる事故が起こる可能性があり、危険です。 We are not responsible for any accident or theft in the parking lot. Also, do not let children play in the parking lot. When playing baseball or soccer in the parking lot, there is a possibility that the ball will hit the car, which is dangerous.
  • トイレが詰まった clogged toilet
    トイレが詰まった場合、ホームセンターで取り扱っているラバーカップを使ってください。ラバーカップを排水口に押し付け、引き上げることで詰まりが解消できることがあります。 詰まりが解消しない場合、修理業者にご依頼ください。 If the toilet is clogged, use a rubber cup available at home centers. You may be able to clear the clog by pressing the rubber cup against the drain and pulling it up. If the blockage persists, call a service person.
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